Interested in strengthening your skills in responsive web design? Want to help your team become more productive? Bearded offers workshops for teams and individuals looking to take their practice to the next level.

Responsive web design collaboration

Collaboration among colleagues with different skill sets is essential in building today’s multi-device web. But how do we effectively work together, without getting bogged down in meetings or stuck in feedback loops? Through an interactive workshop using real-world examples and hands-on activities, we’ll share practical advice on structuring your responsive web design process.

Incorporating content strategy

Without great content, even the best design falls flat. In this interactive session, we explore voice and tone, what makes content useful and usable, and strategies for keeping your website timely and relevant. You’ll walk away more knowledgeable about content creation, publication, and governance.

Introduction to usability testing

A successful web product meets not just the needs of your organization, but also the needs of your users. Usability testing – done early and often – is a critical way to check assumptions. It bridges the gap between what we expect, and what people actually do. Through a hands-on, interactive workshop, Bearded will train your team to plan, execute, and analyze usability research.

How to run effective meetings & workshops

In this workshop, we’ll share our tips and tricks to making meetings more productive. We offer guidance on how to plan activities and structured discussions that help you generate insights and consensus, and set clear expectations about what comes next.

Jumpstarting your project

Are you embarking on a new web project, but having trouble getting started? Bearded helps clients kick off projects with structured activities that get stakeholders talking openly and productively. We tailor this workshop to address your project’s particular goals and challenges, so that at the end of the day, you’ve got a plan — and everyone’s on the same page.

This was my favorite workshop from Converge. Very informative and practical.

Collaboration workshop participant
ConvergeSE web design conference, 2016

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