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Training Modules

Wombat Security Technologies grew out of the largest national research project on combatting phishing attacks. Their goal? Address the human element in cybersecurity, and develop new, more effective ways for organizations to strengthen defenses — through employee education.

Founded in 2008, Wombat now leads the way in information security training, helping Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations teach their employees to avoid phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats.

But, with younger, more agile start-ups joining the marketplace, Wombat needed to secure their position as an industry leader with a modern, updated design.

Bearded partnered with Wombat to bring its desktop training experience to all users, on all devices. And the industry took notice. With Bearded’s help, Wombat modernized its interactive security awareness and training modules, and Wombat was positioned by Gartner, Inc. for the second year in a row as a leader in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training.

Wombat Security Technologies' position in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-based Training by Gartner, Inc: they are scored as high in the ability to execute a project as well as the completeness of their vision With Bearded's help modernizing its training modules, Wombat was recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training.

Preserve the Greatness, and Make It Even Greater

Wombat invested in creating content that works, and in translating that content into more than 25 different languages.

How could we maintain Wombat’s proven approach, while breaking learning out of the confined, desktop experience? We had to think not just about scaling the interactive modules to mobile screens, but also about accommodating right-to-left languages.

All Screens. All Devices.

We started where we always start — with content. We inventoried and modeled all training materials, and built up from there.

We created a responsive framework that genuinely optimizes for mobile devices, rather than “shrinking” down the desktop experience. We reimagined online learning, focusing on key tasks, information hierarchy, and intuitive interactions. And, with an eye to the future, we created a modular, adaptive system that can be extended by Wombat’s team of in-house developers.

Wombat Security Technologies mobile website view Wombat Security Technologies desktop website view

Gamification and Animation

Our mantra for this responsive product redesign was “No next, next, next.” What does that mean? Wombat is built on a philosophy of user engagement. We never wanted users to tune out and repeatedly click the “next” button, without stopping to think. On top of that, we didn’t want users’ frustration with interactions to get in the way of knowledge absorption or retention.

We achieved this by building a clear, intuitive user experience that lets the content shine, and eliminates Wombat’s previous reliance on instructions, hint text, and customer support. Users are challenged by content, rather than by interfaces.

With clear UX and UI in place, we added animations that are as unobtrusive as they are delightful. We applied game design principles, including non-linear paths, immediate feedback, storytelling, and simulated environments.

Showing progressive reveal animation we made for wombat

Engaged Users. Safer Organizations.

When users are more engaged with cybersecurity training, their employers are safer against threats. Using Wombat’s products, customers have reduced malware infections up to 95% and phishing attacks up to 90%.

I was pleasantly surprised to see folks who could really dig in at the strategic level and help us define vision, but then also turn around the next day and start executing on designs and prototypes in a really high-quality way. You don’t always get one vendor that can do both of those things well. Immediately it felt like Bearded was an extension of our team.

Chris Luedde ‎eLearning Product Manager Wombat Security Technologies

The multi-platform UX is a hit with Gartner, and with users. In usability testing, they expressed satisfaction that training is self-paced and served in small bites, and that they can complete training on smartphones and tablets. “If you’re required to do this training, it means you can do it at home or anytime. It seems really convenient and feels like less of a demand because you can fit it into your day,” said one user.

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